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Linda Sheridan

Riders who aspire to the highest levels of show jumping would ‘jump’ at the chance to have followed in Linda Sheridan’s footsteps.  At first, her early showing experiences included 4-H and local venues and later, rated shows like Monmouth, Sussex, and Middlesex County.  She went on to complete two years at one of the premier equestrian colleges, Centenary.  Linda went on to work for the Chapots, where one of her charges was the legendary Gem Twist.  From there, she went on to work and train with Anne Kursinski.  Since then, Linda has built a winning career at the Grand Prix level which speaks for itself.


Linda has a reputation for developing confidence in horses and in riders.  Sheridan also competes on her own horses and those of her clients.  To see Linda's current results, check out the "News" page.

Sheridan Show Jumpers is comprised of a team 

who help ensure a quality experience for each client.

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